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Nov. 26th, 2034 04:24 pm
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Kamala Khan (18)
Pakistani-American, Jersey City girl! Talk to me about superheroes. Follow me on!




Nov. 23rd, 2034 03:00 pm
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Comments on how I portray Kamala? Please leave them here. Anon will be turn on!
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On recent thoughts regarding eudio

I just don't know, Mun. It feels like... like I'm not doing anything to help there. The city, or anyone, that is. It's not that I don't love being in a game, I do, I just... I don't know if I'm meant to be there or not. I doubt I've filled my incentive, anyway, what with the lack of physical affection coming from me.

Well, okay, so I hug and I hand-hold. But that's... I'm not doing enough, am I? And it's just obvious to me that certain things aren't...

But I've got great friends there, and I really love being able to interact with so many different people - caped and non caped. I'm learning so much, and now we can visit the different worlds and that will be amazing and...

Like I said. I don't know. It's confusion over here.

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Mun is Playing with Shipping Again

We're doing this again?! It's going to be nowhere near as epic as Cap/Thor and you know it.

I'm on a team with both of them, team relationships are so not of the good. And yes, I'm Buffy-speaking, this is my day for Buffy speak and you shall deal with it. It's not that Sam and Miles aren't awesome - they really are - but come on, you've got how many ships for me now? If Ammi and Abu ever find out, I would be in so much trouble because of you and your shipping.


Think I'm done for now. It okay if I go back and finish that Cap/Thor fic I was writing?

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On... A Lot of Things.

No... I don't know who's taller out of me, Sam and Miles... Would be cool to know though, you're right. I think I'd like being the tallest for a change. Except, well, I obviously wouldn't the tallest in the team, that would be Thor 'cause whomsoever holds that hammer gains a lot of height. Seriously, have you met any Asgardians, Mun? They can be pretty tall! 

But us three... we're only the newbies. And I know we're gotten on the team 'cause people like us but... what if they don't like us after all of this? What... what if we don't be what they want us to be?

(Also, I know you're pretty psyched they're going to write a 'what if' story about your favourite pairing for me, but doesn't he already have a girlfriend? Cover art looks nice... but I don't think I'd be thinking that in that type of situation. I'd be more with the screaming and the fear and the running to find cover and help others get cover 'cause you don't ditch in emergencies. I really hope it's a good story though it's kinda weird to be saying that about a shipping story that features me...)

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And Now We Squee

Is, is it true, Mun? That I'm, I mean, am I really getting to join... them?!

Eeeeeeee. I just can't even! I mean, yeah I debated putting my hero OC in a team fic but I felt it might have been a bit too self-insert but this is real life! I'm actually being in a team and it's not self-insert and it's my actual life! I'm going to be in a team! I... I'm not just going to be a home town hero anymore, Mun. I'll be going everywhere, trying to help everyone! This is... this is so much bigger than I ever thought. Do... do you think I'm ready for it?

(Also, while I can't really yell at you about the shipping 'cause I do it too, can you please remember I might actually meet some of these people?! Though that one is across country... and that one is another company... Wait, not the point! Shipping. Stop. Around me. With me. Whatever way those words make sense!

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Just Picked Her Up

Hey mun! 

kay, have to admit, this is more than a little weird for me. Yeah, I write fan-fiction and I've dabbled with rp in my time, but I never thought someone would want to play as me. That's just... Ah! It's amazing in a kind of completely scary way. Have I done enough to considered being played? Have you read enough? Are we both ready for this?

Oh, yeah, um, you know you're going to have to read up on my religion right? I know I don't follow it as strictly but... it's still an important part of who I am. And if I'm not me, at the core, I'm not... anyone. Right? 

I just... I hope we can do this mun. You and me together. We'll try, right? That's the best we can do!
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