Jun. 15th, 2015

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On... A Lot of Things.

No... I don't know who's taller out of me, Sam and Miles... Would be cool to know though, you're right. I think I'd like being the tallest for a change. Except, well, I obviously wouldn't the tallest in the team, that would be Thor 'cause whomsoever holds that hammer gains a lot of height. Seriously, have you met any Asgardians, Mun? They can be pretty tall! 

But us three... we're only the newbies. And I know we're gotten on the team 'cause people like us but... what if they don't like us after all of this? What... what if we don't be what they want us to be?

(Also, I know you're pretty psyched they're going to write a 'what if' story about your favourite pairing for me, but doesn't he already have a girlfriend? Cover art looks nice... but I don't think I'd be thinking that in that type of situation. I'd be more with the screaming and the fear and the running to find cover and help others get cover 'cause you don't ditch in emergencies. I really hope it's a good story though it's kinda weird to be saying that about a shipping story that features me...)

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