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NAME: Zara
AGE: 25
CONTACT: [personal profile] werepuppy
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Mal | Descendants | [personal profile] callmeaschemer


NAME: Kamala Khan
CANON: Marvel Comics | Ms Marvel
AGE: About 17. Will be aged to 18 to fit with Eudio guidelines.
CANON POINT: Beginning of new series - post Secret Wars

BACKGROUND: On the Marvel Wiki
INCENTIVE: Kamala is a Muslim-American girl from Jersey City and is the biggest fan of superheroes since, well, probably ever. She mods two websites, and is a constant visitor and fic writer for, an in-universe website that seems to be the largest when it comes to the superhero fandom. Her favourite hero is Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers - and it had been her dream to always be like her.

Thanks to some terrigan mist unlocking her inhuman genes, she was able to fulfill that dream. Well, she realised that being exactly like Carol wasn't really... being who Kamala would be as a hero, so she changed that around and became her own Ms Marvel. One who did everything she could to help everyone she could, and who didn't buy into this idea that her generation was only out for what they could get and would run home to their parents the minute things got too hard for them. Because seriously? That's just really petty minded. It's this split between hyper fan-girl, and a girl who is so grounded in the realities of her world that makes Kamala an interesting character.

She faces down one of her villains - The Inventor - not with fighting, but instead by encouraging the teenagers around her who feel useless in life. She helps them to realise that the skills that previous generations have declared as useless are skills that this generation are going to change the world with, and that give many of them more potential for their future than they realise. When a friend of the family also turns out the be Inhuman like her, but following an Inhuman-superior track of thought, she once again shows her own maturity by not only rejecting any offer he had made to her, but also pointing out that just because they had faced discrimination in the past, did not make his attempts of future discrimination suddenly okay.

As Ms Marvel, she's managed to face down a lot of different things, including the end of the world. Yeah, that was a thing not so long ago. Everything went screwy, and there were all these different time lines and worlds meeting and then boom, the end. ... Except it was more of a reboot because the world just sort of started again from where it had left off, with a few little differences.

Like Kamala being an Avenger now. Thank you, God of Superheroes, for answering her prayers. She's an Avenger, that is so cool. Kamala's main incentive for coming to Eudio would really be to allow herself to take everything that has happened in. Give herself some breathing space, or rather, space to freak out and flail and just become a gibbering fangirl mess over her whole life now because it's so freaking awesome she can't even.

No, but seriously, she really does need a cool down period because everything has happened so fast it feels like she's hardly been able to keep up with her own life. She needs to rest, relax, and just let everything sink in so she understands what's actually happening.

FIT: Kamala is one of the friendliest, and happiest heroes out there. While her religion does give her a lot of 'do nots' in regards to relationships and the like, she is a naturally cuddly person with her friends, and will often give hugs and comforting hand-holds like it is her job to do so. She's also the type of person who likes to find out about others, and gets interested in their lives and what is going on for them, so she'd be a very friendly new resident to the city.

Her understanding of consent is also strong enough for Eudio. No means no, end of story. There's no ifs, buts, or maybes about it. To use the two person date scenario: if one person on the date seems hesitant or unsure about anything regarding affection, you just don't do it. Trying to talk someone into something that they seem to be uncomfortable with isn't just rude, to Kamala it's a dirty move. You're making that person feel as if they're in the wrong for not thinking the exact same way that you are at that moment, and that does not sit right with her. Consent is important for everyone, and everyone should understand that they do not have to do something they don't feel comfortable with, just to please someone else.

SAMPLES: On the Test Drive Meme
Interacting with an OC future child with an Iron Man Armored Adventures-Tony Stark (makes sense in context)

ANYTHING ELSE? Would it be possible if Kamala brought a change of clothes with her when she entered as it is likely she will be coming straight off of a patrol and would have said change of clothing with her anyway.


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